Why SEO?

I bet you’re a business owner.  That means two facts: 

  1. you want people to know your services, or
  2. you want to sell your products and earn money

I’m sure SEO can help you. 

Let’s face the facts.  Most of your potential clients use Google.  They use it to find some pieces of information, but also, to buy things.  

It’s apparent even now when people are scared to visit offline shops, due to coronavirus. In my opinion, the world is facing a new challenge – going online. The one who realizes it quicker, wins. 

So how can SEO help you? 

  • It can let you get clients around the globe – SEO can help your product be found by Google users from the USA, China, Germany, and other countries. 
  • it can help you rank high for prominent terms. Don’t let your competitors take it all! 

Do you want to have some stats on why SEO should be an important part of your business?

  • On average, organic traffic from Google (SEO) is higher than paid search and direct traffic combined. It’s safe to assume that around 40% of your traffic comes from Google organic.

Let’s face the truth.  Your competitors invest in this channel.  Don’t stay behind!