Articles & feedback

As a part of my professional career in SEO, I published a number of articles related to SEO. 

They appeared on some popular sources in our branch, just to mention a few: 

  • (most popular source in SEO) 
  • SearchMetrics
  • Search Engine Journal 

If you’re in the SEO field, I’m sure you recognize these sources.

Some of the articles, like The Ultimate Guide to JavaScript SEO went extremely viral and helped multiple SEOs and business owners ensure their websites can rank highly in Google. 

Ultimate Guide to JavaScript SEO 

Wow – this is really a must read and a must bookmark for every savvy SEO.”

Marcus Tandler

Amazing compendium.”

Aleyda Solis

Great Work!”

Artur Kosch

Very good”

Max Holloway

Very good guide!”

Max Holloway

A must-read.”

Glenn Gabe

A seriously epic guide”

Brodie Clark

Giphy’s visibility drops

I showed the SEO world why Giphy lost 95% of their traffic from Google. 

Also, I explained why Instagram and Pinterest lost as much as 50%.

I discovered one very similar issue that made these three popular websites suffer, and described it in the article.

The article was noticed by John Mueller, a Google representative. He said it seems I found a few issues to watch out for.  

Ultimate Guide to International SEO

International SEO is a very important branch of SEO. It’s all about how to reach out to users from multiple countries. To let SEOs and website owners understand it better,  I decided to write my Ultimate Guide to International SEO.

Super comprehensive guide”

Aleyda Solis

Exhaustive and excellent guide”

-Laura Somfai

Outstanding, comprehensive article”

Marcus Tandler

Excellent guide as usual”

Screaming Frog

In case you want to read these, here is the full list of my articles:

Recently I was included in the list of Today’s Top SEO Experts to Follow compiled by SEJ.