Public speaking

Through my SEO career, I had short episodes on public speaking (Poland, Germany, UK, Denmark). 

  1. My first appearance on the stage was in Wrocław, Poland during an SEO Meetup

I was speaking about quite geeky stuff (on why server log analysis is helpful at everyday SEO  job). 

  1. Then, I had a short episode at SMX Munich 
SMX Munich

In Munich, I took part in a debate on Amplified Mobile Pages (AMP) against Barry Adams. He is well known in the industry to have very strong views on AMP.  Could you imagine a tougher opponent on this topic than Barry Adams 🙂 ? 

As a fun story, Martin Split of Google told me “you fought well, Tomek”. Martin said he got asked by the organizers about taking part in the debate. Martin then replied: “no,  not about AMP, not against Barry Adams” 🙂 

  1. One month later I was speaking in London at the International JavaScript conference
iJS London

The feedback I got was very motivational. 

  • “funny talk, good humor”
  • “Fun, enjoyable presentation. The presenter is very knowledgeable in the subject.”
  • “Really useful. Very funny jokes and slideshow, loved it.

4. Recently, I was a speaker at the Brighton SEO conference. It’s the most popular conference in the UK and one of the most popular conferences in the world. 

You don’t need to be a native speaker to deliver speeches in the English language – I’m a perfect example – hard work and passion will bring you to huge stages while being not a native speaker. But I put a lot of effort into ensuring a presentation is full of knowledge. 

Also, I am trying to make it funny. Sometimes it works. Sometimes…  🙂  

New events?

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