I’m Tomek Rudzki and I work at Onely as the Head of R&D.

You probably know me from the popular technical SEO articles I’ve written and my talks at various international conferences.

Maybe you heard about me after I won the Best Technical SEO Research at the TechSEO Boost conference in Boston in December 2019.

After winning the Best Technical SEO Research award, I found something even more interesting…

As my boss, Bartosz Góralewicz, said:

We usually know that we are onto something AMAZING when Tomek (our head of R&D) starts to look like he didn’t sleep in a while. Last year we almost completely lost Tomek. He didn’t sleep, he was constantly excited (more than usual) and a few months back he showed us a HUGE problem with almost every single medium/large eCommerce store. We double-checked everything over the course of a few months to see if he was right. It turns out that we struck gold”

With my colleague, Sebastian Skowron, we discovered that there is a huge SEO issue across mid-to-large e-commerce stores.  On average 26% pages are not indexed in Google, meaning Google users won’t find them in Google.

That’s a huge problem for every affected website! And even such giants as Walmart, Barnes&Noble, Verizon suffer from it.

That made us build ZipTie, a product aiming to help website owners get more content indexed by Google.

What do I do in my everyday job?

  • Helping our clients with SEO isn’t my main job.
  • I consult difficult cases with our internal SEOs
  • I keep up with trends in SEO
  • I’m also building ZipTie, a product aimed at helping website owners get more content indexed by Google.
  • I am on a quest to check how big companies deal with SEO. Hint: commonly, they don’t! (Just saying 🙂

My interests

  • In my spare time, I like hiking, cycling, and reading ebooks on my Kindle.  Ah, the good old days when I had so much time to enjoy it 🙂
  • On top of that, I am committed to public speaking and practicing English (when we have the opportunity to speak you will realize my grandma is not Queen Elizabeth II).
  • Also, I like programming in Python. (By the way, it’s quite a popular language across SEO specialists around the world. It allows us to do things really quickly. If you want to automate some of your tasks, Python is the way to go, highly recommended!)

TechnicalSEO.expert winner

I was the winner of an SEO game – TechnicalSEO.expert: